Monday, September 19, 2011

Tubes :(

It feels like forever since I wrote that last post.  So much has happened, much of it good!  We had a wonderful summer and went on an exciting road trip adventure for 2 weeks.  I'd like to write a post with some details and pics from the trip when I have more time.

A second ENT opinion has led us to decide to go ahead with ear tube surgery for Bug.  The surgery is tomorrow.  I hope with my whole heart that this is the right decision.  Again, we are doing this to find out more about his hearing (which seems to be pretty good, to me) and not because of ear infections (he hasn't had any).  We did not come to this choice easily or lightly, and I know I won't sleep well tonight thinking about it.  I know it is a routine procedure done all the time but this is MY baby.  He's not yet 10 months old.  I am sure everything will go fine and he'll be giving us his irresistible grin again very soon after the procedure.

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